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News and magazines Partial listing.
World news sources

Yomiuri America U.S.A.- in Japanese
Korea Herald Korea - in English
Business Line on Indiaserver Business news from India - in English
The Straits Times Interactive Singapore
The Standard Hongkong
Business Indonesia Indonesia
The San Francisco Chronicle USA
Canadian Press Canada
Czech News Agency Czech Online
The Post of Zambia Zambia
Today's News from Iceland Iceland

Media in Japan
English Language National Newspapers
The Japan Times
Kyodo News
Asahi Newspaper
Mainichi Daily News
Daily Yomiuri On-Line
Metropolis (Japan Today)
Japan online news of Japan
The Okinawa Times
Japan Update Okinawa's weekly English-language newspaper.
Ryukyu Shimpo A weekly newspaper of news from Okinawa. Also available in Spanish.
NIKKEInet Interactive On-line English version of the Nihon Keizai Shinbun economic newspaper.

Japanese Language National Newspapers
Japan Newspaper Association
Asahi Shimbun
Mainichi Shinbun
Yomiuri Online
The Sankei Shimbun
Nikkei Net Internet edition of the Nihon Keizai Shinbun.
Local Newspapers
Abashiri Shinbun
Chitose Minpo
Dohoku Nippo
Hakodate Shinbun
The Hokkaido Shinbun
Liner Net A free paper from the town of Asahikawa.
Tokachi Life
Tokachi Shinbunsha
Hokkaido Yomiuri

Sakata - Tsuruoka Community Shinbun In Yamagata Prefecture.
The Iwate Nippo
Iwate Nichinichi Shimbun
Tanko Nichinichi Shinbun Iwate Prefecture
Ma Cherie Weekly community news from Morioka, Iwate Prefecture.
The Akita Sakigake Shimpo
The Kahoku Shimpo(Sendai)
Fukushima Minpo
Fukushima Minyu Shinbun
Times: Iwaki Internet Shinbun

The Niigata Nippo
Kitanippon Shinbun
The Hokkoku Shimbun (Kanazawa)
Hokuriku Chunichi Shinbun (Kanazawa)
The Toyama Shimbun
Nikkan Kenmin Fukui

Shimotsuke Shinbun (Utsunomiya)
Elite Joho Serving southern Ibaragi Prefecture.
Joyo Weekly
Saitama Shinbun
Bunka Shinbun Serving western Saitama Prefecture.
Chiba Nippo
City Life From Ichihara, Chiba Prefecture.
Asahi Resuka From Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture.
Inage Shinbun
Bonichi Shinbun Local news for the southern half of the Boso Peninsula in Chiba Prefecture.
Kanagawa Shinbun
My Town 21 Based in Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture.
Plaza Takatsu From Takatsu ward, Kawasaki.
Miyamae Town Joho From Miyamae ward, Kawasaki.
Nikkan Sagami Keizai Shinbun
Town News Serving various local areas of Kanagawa Prefecture.
Hamakaze Local news from various small towns in the Miura Peninsula area.
Shonan Asahi

Tokyo Shinbun
Tosei Shinpo

Chubu Shinpo
Gifu Shinbun
Yamanashi Nichinichi Shinbun
Yamanashi Shinpo
Karuizawa Shinbun
The Shinano Mainichi Shinbun
Shizuoka Shinbun
Izu Shinbun
The Chunichi Shinbun (Nagoya)
Tomei Shinbun

Ise Shinbun
Mahoroba From Nara Prefecture.
Kyoto Shinbun
Shukan Kyoto Keizai
The Gakushin A student newspaper from Kyoto founded in 1978.
Osaka News
Sakai Journal
My Town Kawachi
Kobe Shinbun
Agasus Magazine from the city of Wakayama.
Shiga Hochi Shinbun
Shukan Morimeito News
Bunbun Serving several small cities and counties in Hyogo Prefecture.
Awaji People
Community Itami

Shikoku Shinbun (Takamatsu)
Tokushima Shinbun
Ehime Shinbun
Setouchi Joho Channel Hirakegoma!
Kochi Shinbun

Bihoku Minpo Okayama Prefecture
Chugoku Shinbun (Hiroshima)
Nishi Hiroshima Times
Fuchu News Sokuho
Nihonkai Shinbun (Tottori/Tamba/Izumo)
Yamaguchi Shinbun
Ubenichi Times In Yamaguchi Prefecture.
Nikkan Shin Shunan Also in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Kyushu, etc.
Nishinippon Shinbun (Fukuoka)
Saga Shimbun Internet
Saga Shinbun
Nagasaki Shinbun
Yomiuri Shinbun Hasami-han
Oita Godo Shinbun
Kumamoto Nichinichi Shinbun
Bonchi Net From the city of Miyako-no-Jo, Miyazaki Prefecture. Includes an English-language section, primarily intended for those coming to Japan to teach ESL.
Minami Nippon Shinbun (Kagoshima)
Felia! From Kagoshima.
Somuta News Station In Kagoshima Prefecture.
Nankai Nichinichi Shinbun (Amami Shoto)
The Okinawa Times
Ryukyu Shinpo
Available in many languages.
The Yaeyama Mainichi Shinbun

Specialized Newspapers
Nihon Kyoiku Shinbun A newspaper devoted to the field of education.
Senken Shinbun Japanese-language daily newspaper serving the Japanese fashion and apparel industry. The place to go for the latest breaking news in this field.
Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun Daily newspaper for industrial news.
Nihon Kogyo Shinbun
Minato Shinbun A newspaper from Shimonoseki dealing with fishery-related news.
The Sankei Shimbun
Nikkei Net Internet edition of the Nihon Keizai Shinbun.
Asagumo Shinbun Online newspaper for members of Japan's Self-Defense Forces.
Nihon Kaiji Shinbun A newspaper dealing with maritime matters.
Nikkan Sports
Fukushima Kensetsu Kogyo Shinbun

News Magazines
Chuo Koron
Bungei Shunju
Shukan Asahi
Shukan Shincho
Galaxy Japanese-language daily and weekly on-line report giving the Japanese view of events in Washington D.C.
On-line Takashi Tachibana: Dojidai o Utsu! This prominent political analyst's site was formerly known as "Shukan Gendai."
Shukan Post ISFIR (Inside Stories For Internet Readers) One of Japan's typical somewhat racy weekly magazines.
Asian Eyes A news magazine for Japanese interested in Asia. Available in Japanese or Korean.
Zakzak Webzine from popular magazine Gekkan Fuji. No real journalistic value, but a very typical Japanese magazine devoted to sports, gossip, movies and other pop culture-ish stuff.

Japanese Print Media Overseas
The New Canadian
Canada Japan Journal
Vancouver Shinpo
The Yomiuri America
Hawaii Hochi The only daily Japanese-language newspaper in Hawaii.
Long-Run A newsletter for and by the Japanese students in the U.S.
Yomiuri Europe Ltd. The Yomiuri Shinbun's European operation is based in London, England.
The Week A Japanese newspaper from Holland.
Sao Paolo Shinbun Serving the Japanese community in Brazil.
Hokubei Nikkei Shinbun Kankei Nihongo Bunkenhyo A Japanese-language page detailing resources on Japanese-language newspapers in North America.
Nichima Press Japanese language newspaper from Malaysia.

National Broadcasters and such
TV Net Japan Index of Broadcasting stations in Japan.
TV Guide Japan The Japanese edition of the well-known U.S. magazine. Site is divided into program guides for each specific viewing area of the country, and also includes information on satellite broadcasts, movies and more.
NHK Japan's national broadcaster. A private, non-commercial organization, with an excellent research department. High Definition Television (in analog form) originated here.
NHK World TV Page introduces NHK's satellite TV and shortwave radio broadcast services around the world.
JNN News, Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc. One of the best places for video coverage of the latest Japanese news. Has video of top news stories, with lesser stories available in print form only. In Japanese only.
Yomiuri News Stream The latest news in audio, video or print, all in one place. A site providing video feed of the latest Japanese business news.
TV Asahi The latest ANN News broadcast available as a downloadable .ram file. Site also includes a webcam view of Tokyo's Roppongi District.
Fuji Television
Nippon Television (NTV)
Wowow Movies and music.
vibe Successor to the ill-fated MTV Japan.
Sky PerfecTV A Japanese satellite broadcast company (small dish).
DirecTV Another small dish satellite service provider, offering over 200 different channels for the Japanese market.

HBC The Hokkaido Broadcasting Corporation's site provides mostly a print news service, and includes an English page giving news, several live webcam views of Sapporo, and information on the city's famous snow festival.
STV The Sapporo Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. More live webcams of Sapporo here, and weekly Hokkaido news in English.
HTB Hokkaido Television Broadcasting's site provides print news in Japanese only.
uhb (Hokkaido Bunka Hoso) Hokkaido Cultural Broadcasting Co., Ltd.

ATV Television Broadcasting In Aomori Prefecture.
ABA Aomori Asahi Broadcasting
RAB Aomori Broadcasting
IBC Iwate Prefecture's TV station is one of the few leading the way in Japan. Video footage of select news stories is now available by internet!
Iwate Menkoi Television
Iwate Asahi Television
Television Iwate
ABS Akita Broadcasting
Akita Television
AAB Akita Asahi Broadcasting
Yamagata Broadcasting Local news stories available in video format, archived for the past week. English print translation of all news stories also available.
TV-U Yamagata
YTS Yamagata Television
Sakuranbo Television In Yamagata Prefecture.
Fukushima Chuo Television
KFB Fukushima Broadcasting Video of some news stories available for viewing with QuickTime software.
Television U Fukushima Includes webcam view of the city of Fukushima and a few shots of local highways. News stories available in print and video, also entire news program available as file.
Fukushima Television
TBC Tohoku Broadcasting Broadcasting from Sendai.
MMT Miyagi Television
KHB Higashi Nippon Broadcasting Also based in Sendai.
OX-TV Sendai Broadcasting The news section links to the Fuji network's site, which provides on-line video footage as well as print news in both Japanese and English.

BSN Niigata Broadcasting A station which actually features internet broadcasting of something besides just news! Looks like some kind of music show.
Niigata Sogo Television
Television Niigata
NT21 Another Niigata station.
Ishikawa Television
Televison Kanazawa
Hokuriku Broadcasting Based in Kanazawa.
Hokuriku Asahi Broadcasting
Tulip TV From the city of Toyama.
Toyama Television
Kita Nihon Broadcasting Based in Toyama.
Fukui Television

Tochigi Television
Television Saitama
CTC Chiba Television Broadcasting
TVK Television Channel 42, Kanagawa Prefecture.

TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System, Inc.) Every news story now available in Windows Media Player or RealPlayer formats. Also is a good source of English print news, and a good place to find out the latest Sumo scores. This is also the key station for the TBS-TV Network.
TV Tokyo Video of some news stories from their news program Morning Satellite is available for viewing with RealPlayer.
MXTV (Tokyo Metropolitan Television)

Yamanashi Broadcasting Another webcam here.
UTY Television Yamanashi Links to JNN Internet News.
Television Shinshu
SBC Nagano Has a webcam with a live view of Nagano Station.
NBS (Nagano Broadcasting Systems, Inc.) Features news with photos and audio.
Nagano Asahi Broadcasting
Gifu Broadcasting
SBS Shizuoka Broadcasting
Shizuoka Daiichi Television
Shizuoka Asahi Television
Television Shizuoka
CBC Television (Chubu Nihon Broadcasting) Includes webcam view of Nagoya.
Tokai Television Based in Nagoya.
Nagoya Television
Chukyo TV
Television Aichi

MOLS (MTV OnLine Service) Not the U.S. rock TV station MTV, but rather Mie Television from the city of Tsu, Mie Prefecture.
Wakayama TV Plaza KBS Kyoto
Kansai Television Broadcasting Based in Osaka. Company profile included in English.
ABC (Asahi Broadcasting Corporation) Site includes company profile in English.
Yomiuri TV Based in Osaka. Site includes an English section giving a company profile.
Mainichi Broadcasting Includes a webcam view of Osaka.
TVO Television Osaka
Sun TV Located in Kobe.

Shikoku Broadcasting
RNB Nankai Broadcasting From the city of Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture.
Television Ehime
ITV Ehime
Ehime Asahi Television
Kochi Sansan Television
Television Kochi
RKC Kochi
Nishi Nihon Broadcasting From the city of Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture.
Setouchi Naikai Broadcasting Based in Takamatsu and serving the Kagawa Prefecture - Okayama Prefecture viewing area.

RSK Sanyo Broadcasting Based in the city of Okayama.
Okayama Broadcasting
Television Setouchi Located in the city of Okayama.
Hiroshima Television Includes webcam view of the city.
Hiroshima Home Television
Television Shin Hiroshima
Chugoku Broadcasting Broadcasting from Hiroshima. Site includes a webcam view of Hiroshima Castle.
Broadcasting System of Sanin From the city of Yonago, Tottori Prefecture.
TSK Sanin Chuo Television Broadcasting Based in the city of Matsue, Shimane Prefecture.
Yamaguchi Asahi Broadcasting
TYS Television Yamaguchi
KRY Yamaguchi Broadcasting

Kyushu, etc.
RKB Broadcasting from Fukuoka.
TVQ (TXN Kyushu)
Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting
Television Nishi Nippon Broadcasting from Fukuoka.
Fukuoka Broadcasting System Includes webcam of the city of Fukuoka.
Saga Television System
Nagasaki Television
KTN Television Nagasaki
Nagasaki Kokusai Television
Nagasaki Bunka Broadcasting
TOS Television Oita
OBS Oita Broadcasting
OAB Oita Asahi Broadcasting
Television Miyazaki
UMK Miyazaki Prefecture.
Kumamoto Asahi Broadcasting
KKT (Kumamoto Kenmin Terebi) Includes webcam view of the city of Kumamoto.
RKK Kumamoto Broadcasting
Television Kumamoto
Kagoshima Television
KKB Kagoshima Broadcasting Has webcam view of Kagoshima.
Minami Nihon Broadcasting Has a webcam view of the city of Kagoshima.
Okinawa Television Broadcasting
Ryukyu Broadcasting
Ryukyu Asahi Broadcasting

AM radio does exist in Japan, but this list is mostly FM and Internet stations!
Radio Japan Now available on-line in RealPlayer format. Go directly to the broadcast here.
Radio News, Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc. The latest Japanese news broadcast, available by internet.
Yomiuri News Stream The latest news in audio, video or print, all in one place. Audio available for both RealPlayer and Windows Media Player formats.
ABC Web Radio A new internet radio project from Asahi Broadcasting. Test files are now available for listening with Windows Media Player.
FM Wappy From Wakkanai, Hokkaido, this station bills itself as Japan's furthest north FM Station.
Air-G From Hokkaido.
Radio Karos Sapporo Now experimenting with very limited internet broadcasts.
FM Iruka The internet radio voice of Hakodate. Go directly to the broadcast by clicking here.
Jowu FM Aomori FM Broadcasting
Powerful FM Akita
Sankakuyama Hosokyoku Internet radio broadcasts underway. Mostly music with a traditional flavour here.
FM Niigata
FM Toyama
FM Fukui Features a live audio and video broadcast from their studios a couple of hours a day.
NACK 5 The FM voice of Saitama Prefecture now offers selected programs for internet listening with RealPlayer or Windows Media Player.
Tokyo FM (80.0 MHz) This site now includes the section TFM TV which introduces video clips of new movies and profiled musical artists of the month. These files are viewable with either Windows Media Player or RealPlayer. The site also includes a webcam view from TFM's Hanzomon studios.
Shibuya-FM (78.4 MHz) (Tokyo) The site claims that internet broadcasts are under way, but it somehow does not seem to be working.
Katsushika FM Internet broadcasting from Katsushika Ward, Tokyo. Usually easy to get a good internet signal. Not much music, but lots of local community news from Tokyo.
Radio Tampa Over the air shortwave broadcaster now broadcasting from their studios in Akasaka, Tokyo. Internet broadcasts have now begun with Windows Media Player. Go directly to the broadcast here.
Inter FM (76.1 MHz) A new FM station in Tokyo.
J-Wave (81.3 MHZ) (Yokohama) An English and Japanese-language easy listening FM station. Internet broadcasts have begun, and necessary software is available on-site.
FM Yokohama (84.7 MHz) Internet broadcasting has begun, including both audio and video feeds live from their broadcast studio. Uses RealPlayer G2. Site also includes a webcam view of Yokohama, as seen from the Yokohama Landmark Tower, the tallest building in Japan. To go directly to the internet broadcast, click here.
Shonan Beach FM (Kanagawa Prefecture) Internet broadcasts are under way from this station which focuses mainly on Jazz.
FM Blue Shonan
Shonan Seaside Radio An internet broadcasting station located in the Shonan area.
FM Bell (Chiba Prefecture)
K-Mix Shizuoka
FM Aichi
FM Sakudaira From Saku, Nagano Prefecture.
FM Osaka Internet broadcasts have begun as of 99/03/18! Uses Windows Media Player or Internet Explorer 5.0 Radio Bar. (Both available on-site.)
FM Cocolo (Osaka)
FM802 (Osaka)
FM Waiwai Broadcasting to the world via internet from Kobe. Go directly to the broadcast here. Broadcasts from 8:00 AM-12:30 AM Kobe FM Miki Broadcasting from the city of Miki, Hyogo Prefecture. Usually a good, clean internet signal. To go directly to the broadcast, click here.
Mandegan 815 FM Internet broadcasting from Takamatsu, Shikoku. Broadcasts temporarily suspended, but will begin again soon.
JOEU FM From Ehime Prefecture.
FM Fukuoka
FM Nakakyushu
Sunshine FM Miyazaki
FM Kagoshima
FM Champla Broadcasting by internet from Okinawa. Lots of music, but sometimes some distortion which makes all of the music sound tinny.
TBS AM (954 kHz) Now has selected files available for listening by internet.
Bunka Hoso JOQR (1134 kHz AM STEREO) Internet broadcasts have begun. Programs may be listened to with Windows Media Player or RealPlayer.
Music Bird A station broadcasting music by PCM satellite digital broadcast.
Tomato Station A new Japanese internet radio station which broadcasts only for limited hours on selected days.
Love Radio An internet broadcast station for Japanese alternative music.
Hello Singapore FM 96.3 Singapore's Japanese-language FM station, now broadcasting to the world by internet!

Other Sites
Nihon Newspaper Corporation
Kabuto Club Japanese-language website of a club for reporters from 32 different Japanese newspaper and broadcasting companies.
Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan
The National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Japan (Japanese)
The National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Japan (English) In English or Japanese. The English site features a very simple explanation of the organization's function, while the Japanese version includes the latest news bulletins and topics of dicussion in the field.
International Media Research Foundation A Japanese foundation promoting international cooperation in the area of media science and technology.
Media-shi Kenkyukai Japanese-language site of an association for the study of Japanese media history. Includes the association's journal, "Media-shi Kenkyu."
Media Link A Japanese-language site providing links to various media sites. (In case the above page was not enough for you!)
Asian Broadcasting Institute A great site in English and Japanese dealing with the latest developments in the field of broadcasting in Asia.