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Step 1: Understanding the possibilities
The best first step in selecting art glass is to understand a little more about the possibilities. Following this link will lead you to information about the types of art glass that we offer, what types of glass are best suited for the medium, and answers to frequently asked questions. Although solid surface materials aren't covered, keep in mind the same etching and carving processes can be applied to those surfaces as well.

Step 2: Considering the function of the piece
When you understand the possibilities, consider what function you want the piece to serve. For example, do you want it to draw attention, or blend with surroundings? Frame a view? Create privacy? When you have an understanding of what function the piece will serve, you're ready to meet with us so we can help you with a design selection that will achieve your goals.

Step 3: Choosing a design
Deciding whether you want to choose from our Design Collections or have us create a custom design will be your next step. Offerings from our Design Collections are available exclusively through our dealers. We do offer retail custom work directly to the public, but keep in mind that we do not offer on-site measuring, delivery or installation. The competitive pricing of materials and additional services our dealers can offer, as well as their valuable expertise should always be considered.

(1) Design Collections: Save money and time by choosing a design from our Design Collections catalog. The Design Collections have been prepared for specific products, so they often address the needs and functions you're looking for. Simply contact your dealer, tell them what selection you have made, and they will take care of the rest.

(2) Custom Artwork: If you can’t find what you want in the Design Collections, or you have an original idea, call us to arrange an appointment for a custom artwork consultation. Once we have the facts - the paper sample, the fabric sample, the theme, the mood, the style - we'll work from your ideas to develop a design concept. There is no charge for the consultation or quote. However, we will not prepare any new artwork without a deposit. In order to prepare a quote we will need the approximate size, shape and thickness of the glass, and if you need the glass to be tempered or dual-glazed. Custom work can often take 5-6 weeks, so make sure you plan ahead.

Step 4: Finding a dealer
Please contact us if you need assistance finding licensed Glazing Contractors and other dealers in your area.

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