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Customer service | how to use the collections

Making your art glass
One of the first and most striking differences between our work and other offerings is that we incorporate stage blasting and shading into the designs. All of our work is handcrafted, and most of the designs in our collections have multiple stages that are etched one at a time to produce a superior design that gives our work a noticeable sense of depth and dimension. We're sure you'll agree the quality is unsurpassed, the price unbeatable.

Finding a design
Use this website to select the designs you are interested in. You may browse through all of the artwork or use the keyword search to find designs that meet your specific criteria.

Resizing the artwork to fit your glass
All artwork will be resized to fit your piece of glass. How it is resized will depend on the specific design, as well as the size (and shape) of your glass. Here are the general rules:

  • Designs Without Borders... are scaled so the proportions remain the same regardless of glass size (within specified limits).
  • Designs With Borders... are scaled by extending/shortening the straight lines; line thickness and corner detail size don't change.
  • Enlarging specific elements within a design... Specific elements within a design can be enlarged as long as they do not touch other elements in the design not being enlarged. There may be a limit to how large an element can get.

Modifying or flipping artwork
Artwork cannot be modified, but can be flipped to face the opposite direction shown (i.e. for a left and right door).

Overlaps and other details
We plan for a 1" overlap on sliding doors. If you desire a different overlap and want a more precise alignment of the artwork, or if you have other specific expectations, please notify us in advance and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Reverse etching and carving
Many of the designs in the collections may be reverse etched or carved. Please contact us if you are interested and we will let you know if it can be reverse etched or carved and what additional costs might be incurred.

Finding a dealer
Once you have found a design, you will need to find a dealer to provide the glass, hardware and installation. Unless the piece is to be carved, we prefer to work on glass that has already been tempered. Please contact us or visit our finding a dealer page for referrals.

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