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Annealed glass
Annealed glass is flat glass in its natural state. It can be cut, beveled, etched, carved, slumped and fabricated in various other ways.

Tempered glass
Annealed glass can be strengthened through a process called tempering, which helps the glass withstand the shock of severe blows. It is required by federal building codes for many glass applications where there is a high risk of broken glass causing injury. This may include doors, windows, store counters and tabletops.

Laminated (safety) glass
Annealed glass may also be made safer by laminating two pieces of glass together. This is typical for glass that will be hanging overhead (i.e. skylights and ceiling panels). 

Insulated glass
An insulated glass unit consists of two or three panes of glass separated by an air space for insulation and sealed around the edges with sealants. The unit acts as an insulator to protect window areas from excessive heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. Insulated glass with two panes is also referred to as "dual glazed". Etched, carved and slumped glass are often insulated to protect the art surface. 

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