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Customer service | common questions

How do I use the design collections?
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Can tempered glass be sandblasted?
We can etch tempered glass, but we cannot carve tempered glass.

Can carved or slumped glass be tempered?
Yes, carved and slumped glass can be tempered.

How are etching and carving different?
Etching and carving are two types of sandblasting techniques. Etching involves sandblasting art on the surface only, using shading for effects, but not depth. Carving involves sandblasting or carving the designs into the glass, adding depth to the design. Virtually all carved glass will have some etched elements as well.

Why does glass look green?
Clear glass has a greenish hue because of the ingredients used in the manufacturing process. Other colors, as well as a clearer glass, are available. Check with us or your glazing contractor for details.

How do you clean etched or carved glass?
Though sandblasted glass can be strengthened and made safer, it is still a fragile material that must be handled with care. The glass surface can be scratched, so treat it accordingly. It is best to avoid exposing the sandblasted surface to excessive handling. To clean etched and carved glass, use regular glass cleaner and soft paper towels. Avoid water spots by drying the sandblasted surface thoroughly.

What is the thinnest glass you can work with?
We can carve glass as thin as 3/16" and slump glass as thin as 1/4".

How deep do you carve the glass?
The design will determine the depth of the carving, but we will never carve more than half way into the glass.

Who supplies the glass?
In most cases, your licensed glazing contractor will supply the glass for us to decorate. We can advise you on your options if your project does not require an installation.

What types of glass are there?
Click here for a description of the major glass classifications.

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