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Offering art glass
Architectural art glass has become a standard offering for many people in the residential and commercial construction and remodeling industries, helping consumers achieve the functionality and quality they want from glass products. Yet, it has traditionally been out of the reach of the average consumer. Nolan Everitt changed that with the introduction of its Design Collections which provide consumers hundreds of choices of etched, carved and slumped designs at affordable prices, all available exclusively through our authorized dealers.

Increase sales while improving your image
When you become a Nolan Everitt authorized dealer you set yourself apart from many of your competitors, enhance your image and the image of the products and services you offer, and put your firm in a position to satisfy more of your customers' needs.

Nolan Everitt makes it easy
With the Nolan Everitt Design Collections, you have access to a large body of existing artwork that we know your customers will like. Samples are also available for explaining the different effects, treatments, and solutions we offer to solve your customers’ design needs. Most importantly, we give freely and without reservation all our expertise whenever we meet or talk over the phone about a potential project.

Contact us today
If you are interested in parterning with Nolan Everitt Architectural Art Glass, please contact We look forward to working with you.

Changing the way you think about glass.
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