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Creating art out of glass
Nolan Everitt brings glass to life by permanently altering it with art. Art glass by Nolan Everitt gives you the power to transform ordinary architectural features with distinctly personal detailing. Designs can be graphic and breathtaking, arranged and executed in innumerable permutations, from simple borders to an expansive mural. They can inform, entertain, and perhaps most importantly in our business, compliment your very special needs and tastes, allowing you to define interior spaces or create breathtaking focal points.

Custom projects
Nolan Everitt creates a truly special experience creating custom art glass for clients. We consult with you on design ideas and project requirements, then go to work generating art glass of the highest quality.

Design collections
Our authorized dealers offer high quality, affordable etchings out of Design Collection catalogs for products such as shower doors, cabinet doors, firescreens and slumped glass.

Changing the way you think about glass.
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