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About us | client testimonials

Over the past two decades Nolan Everitt has received countless praise from its clients and dealers...

"I wanted to let you guys know how happy I am with the windows that you etched for us. It turned out more beautiful than I had even imagined. Not only was it very professionally done, but also it was completed right on schedule. Wow, what a bonus! You guys are really top notch and I gladly recommend you to anyone interested in our window."

~ Larry Merrill ~

"We worked with Nolan Everitt of Nolan Everitt Designs in Anaheim, California, and he incorporated our ideas into his design on the sandblasted panels and gave us a work of art."

~ Don & Joanna Duffy ~
Printed in "Keeping up with Corian®" Volume 9, Issue 1

"I was in San Diego yesterday, and Ellen Hampton asked me to tell you that the carved glass piece is now their very favorite thing in the house. When the front door opens, you're face to face with this handsome thing & it's quite a welcome! ...Thanks so much for once again, bringing to life what I see in my head."

~ Diane Humphrey Jacob, Ph.D., Interior Designer ~

"I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks and gratitude to you for the very beautiful mirror that you created for my wife Sandra and me. I was astonished at the outcome of the finished masterpiece...I only have one regret, and that is, that we didn't come to you at first with the idea."

~ Arthur Lansaw ~

"...I wanted to get him a gift that was unique and personal! Boy was I lucky that my mom knew such an incredibly talented artist such as you! She has raved about you for years... I can certainly understand why! That etched piece of glass is the most amazing thing I've ever seen!"

~ Gina Rosenberg (Jacob) ~

"Once again, thank you for this joyful and glorious work of art! It is such as inspiration to my heart and soul."

~ Denise Esparza ~

"Thank you for the gorgeous artistic design and craftsmanship. We are very pleased!"

~ Allen and Candy Mathews ~

"Beautiful! Delighted!"

~ Marilyn Edwards, Interior Designer ~

"My goodness! The glass carving gave us the chills it's so beautiful. Please consider signing it for us. Keep up the great work."

~ Cheryl and Dan Ekstrom ~

"Thank you so much for the beautifully designed and etched glass panels for our shower. The etching was excellently done, especially on the shells...Roger and I wish you continued success in creating beautiful glass designs."

~ Cathy & Roger Mills ~

"Thank you for the beautiful glasswork! Lesley and I are thrilled!"

~ Ron & Lesley O'Kelley ~

"The glass panels are gorgeous! We've not seen the doors yet...but if the sidelites are representative, we are so pleased!"

~ Trish Van Mourick ~

"A belated note of thanks for doing such a beautiful job of etching on the front door for our house. It's in, we're in, and we love it! It's positioned so that it catches the sunset each evening and we're treated to a beautifully defined shadow on our living room wall. It truly is a focal point in our new home."

~ Robi Craig ~

"The windows look great! We're very proud of them."

~ Steve Elliott ~

"Just a note to let you know I love my table. I hope to refer some clients your way. Thanks again."

~ Tracy Scheurer ~

"Bill & I just love the mermaid etching; you did an excellent job. It has been a pleasure doing business with both of you. We have already told many friends about your beautiful work. Thank you for everything.

~ Marilyn Freni ~

"The window is beautiful. You did a great job. Thank you."

~ Geri Heller ~

"She is ecstatic! She loves them....I thought it would be nice to know this very difficult client is extremely happy."

~ Caryl De Felice, Interior Designer ~

"The carving and etching look great! Thank you... I will enjoy them for many years. Look forward to having our entry doors done."

Mitzy Ozaki ~

"We wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful job you did on our glass. The design is gorgeous and adds so much to our studio. We appreciate the exceptional customer service that we received while working with you, and wanted to thank you for making the changes to the design so promptly. ...We will definitely recommend you to anyone who needs art glass."

~ Dean and Kimberly Hoskins ~

"Wow! I am always amazed when I see your incredible work. How God has blessed you with talent to produce such beautiful works of art. We are so pleased with the Powder Room window you did for us. Every time I pass that room & see that darling angel/cupid, it brings a smile to my face. It's also visible as you ascend our stairway, so I get to enjoy it twice as much!

When our shower door was delivered, I stood back in total awe of how you captured the exact look we wanted. The fluted columns, the 'puddling' fabric at their base, the fabric flowing as if the wind caught hold of it - wonderful, wonderful. How we will love viewing this each day from our bedroom & bathroom! Everyone who sees it is left with the same look of awe we've had, & they all say, 'How does he do that?'

Nolan, thank you for the joy you've given us through your work. Thank you for your patience as we 'perfected' each detail. What a pleasure it has been to meet you, working with you, & experience your incredible artistic talent. God Bless you for the joy you bring & the beauty you capture in your work."

~ Eileen & Steve Naber ~

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